The Sundance Film Festival

Sundance Film Festival

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  Civilisation landmark
  • A sense of place
  1. Choose the correct answer
  1. Describing a picture
  1. Describing Van Gogh's The Room
  • Cinema and Music
  1. Test yourself for vocabulary

The Sundance Film Festival is an annual film festival organized by the Sundance Institute. It takes place each January in Park City, Utah, Salt Lake City, and at the Sundance Resort, and is the largest independent film festival in the United States. It includes competitive categories, includes documentary and dramatic films, both feature length and short films, in which awards are given, as well as out-of-competition categories for showcasing new films.

Sundance Institute


A Sense of Place: Robert Redford on the Sundance story

Watch the video and answer the questions below.

 Important vocabulary in the video

  • Run of the mill = common, ordinary
  • A sense of loss = missing something or somebody
  • I wanted out = I didn't want to belong to that anymore
  • Acre = slightly over 4 000 square meters
  • Storytelling = the act of communicating a story
  • Step foot in(to) = arrive at, start
  • Mainstream = general, commercial


Robert Redford

Robert Redford (born August 18, 1936) is a retired American actor, director and activist. The recipient of the Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2002, he is also the founder of the Sundance Film Festival. In 2014, Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world. In 2016, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
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A. Choose the correct answer. [Level = HARD]

1. What does Robert Redford explain about choosing to settle in Utah?

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2. When did Redford buy his two acres in Utah?

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3. What does Redford say about choosing a place in “pure nature”?

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4. Which of the following does Michelle Satter NOT mention?

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5. What did Redford ask from experienced film people?

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6. Which of the following is NOT true?

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7. How did the Lab lead to the idea of a festival?

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8. What did Redford realize after 5 to 6 years?

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9. Which of the following does Redford NOT mention as a consequence of globalization on the festival?

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10. How does Redford react to the notion that Sundance is the fruit of a vision? Who did he primarily want this for?

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Updated 5 November 2020

CLASS TEST #1 (25% 50%)

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  •   Reading comprehension
  •   Language tools
  •   Glossaries
  •   Cultural landmarks 1-2

CLASS TEST #2 (25%)

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  •   Listening comprehension
  •   Language tools
  •   Glossaries
  •   Cultural landmarks 3-4

CLASS TEST #3 (50%)

15 December 2020 at 3:30pm

  •   Writing
  •   Language tools
  •   Glossaries
  •   Cultural landmarks 1-6


Famous drama starred by Robert Redford (remake starred by Leonardo DiCaprio).

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Action/Comedy films starred by Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

The Sting

The Sting


Describing images

In this section you will learn to describe different graphic documents and locate different elements in the pictures.


B. Look at the picture and write the places the arrows A-H are pointing to. [Level = TRICKY]









C. Now test yourself by describing one of Van Gogh's most famous paintings: The Room. Use the phrases provided below if you wish. [Level = TRICKY]

Van Gogh's The Room

Image from vangoghmuseum.nl

Describing an image. [Level = EASY]
English French English French
in the middle au milieu a photograph une photographie
in the centre au centre a painting un tableau
at the top en haut a drawing un dessin
at the bottom en bas an advertisement une publicité
on the left side à gauche a poster une affiche
on the right side à droite the cover of a book la couverture d'un livre
in the background dans l'arrière-plan a map une carte
in the foreground au premier plan a scene from a film une scène d'un film
in the top left-hand corner en haut à gauche a chart / a graph un graphique
in the top right-hand corner en haut à droite a cartoon (drawing) un dessin humoristique
in the bottom left-hand corner en bas à gauche a strip cartoon une bande dessinée
in the bottom right-hand corner en bas à droite a speech bubble une bulle de bande dessinée

Adapted from anglaisfacile.com.

Useful phrases to describe images. [Level = TRICKY]

Introducing the document:

  • It comes from... / It is an extract from... / It is taken in...
  • It is an advertisement for... / It is to advertise a product which...
  • It could be seen in... / on...
  • It was published in (+ name of newspaper/magazine) on + date...
  • It is a shot from a film entitled..., directed by..., starring..., set in..., etc.
  • It was drawn by... / painted by... / taken by... / made by... / ...a painter / a photographer / a cartoonist / an advertiser etc.

Describing the document:

  • To begin with ( pour commencer ), I'll briefly describe the layout ( organisation ) of the document / page.
  • It consists of... / It is composed of... / It is made up of...
  • There is a... title / slogan / text/ photograph / drawing / cartoon / chart / pie-chart ( diagramme en secteur ) / graph ( graphique ) / map / plan / diagram / sketch ( Schéma ) / Caption ( Légende ) / bubble ( bulle )...
  • It shows... / It represents... / in this photo, we are shown... / We can see...
  • It is a close-up ( un gros plan ).
  • The scene takes place in... / The setting ( le cadre )...
  • It is seen from a distance ( vu de loin ) / from afar ( de loin ) / from above ( de dessus ) / from below ( par en dessous ) / from the rear ( de derrière ) ... / at the top of the page ( en haut ) / at the bottom of the page ( en bas )

Adapted from tacopiedanglais.over-blog.com

  ARTS GLOSSARIES (English-French)


Click on to listen to these words.

English French
Jobs in cinema
   a director un metteur en scène, un réalisateur
   a producer un producteur
   an extra un figurant
   a screenwriter un scénariste
   a camera operator un cameraman
   a make-up artist un maquilleur
   a costume designer un costumier
   a propsmaster un accessoiriste
   a stuntman un cascadeur
   a lead/main actor/actress l'acteur principal/l’actrice principal
Movie Genres
   a thriller un film à suspense
   a war film un film de guerre
   a western un western
   a love story une romance
   a crime story une histoire criminelle
   a horror film un film d'horreur
   a sci-fi film un film de science-fiction
   a comedy une comédie
   a drama un film dramatique
   a cartoon un dessin animé
   a musical une comédie musicale
   to direct mettre en scène
   to shoot tourner
   to be released sortir (au cinéma)
   a set un plateau de tournage
   credits le générique
   a part/a role un rôle
   to dub doubler
   a blockbuster un film à gros budget
   a masterpiece un chef-d'ouvre
   the script le scénario


Improve your English speaking, listening and writing with Duolingo, a free, fun-to-use app.



Click on to listen to these words.

English French
General terms
   string instruments les instruments à cordes
   keyboard instruments les instruments à clavier
   woodwind instruments les instruments à vent (bois)
   percussion instruments les percussions
   to listen to music écouter de la musique
   to play an instrument jouer d'un instrument
   to record enregistrer
   to sing chanter
   the audience le public
   a concert concert
   a love song chanson d'amour
   the national anthem hymne national
   symphony symphonie
   track morceau
   voice voix
   music score partition musicale
   beat temps
   harmony harmonie
   lyrics paroles
   melody/tune mélodie
   rhythm rythme
   scale gamme
   in tune être accordé, chanter juste
   out of tune être désaccordé, chanter faux
Expressions related to music
   for a song pour rien ou très peu cher
   to blow your own trumpet quelqun qui répète les mêmes choses encore et encore
   a jam session jeu de musique improvisé
   to call the tune prendre des décisions importantes et avoir la situation bien en main
   and all that jazz et tout le reste
   to strike a chord faire vibrer une corde sensible, émouvoir
   to play by ear improviser


D. Play and compete against other students.

Match the English and French expressions about cinema and music as fast as you can


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